January 2024 CEP Preview


A Digital-Twin Approach to Distillation Control Education

Process control education often fails to teach students the practical lessons of distillation control. Digital-twin–based training simulations may hold the key to more robust process control education.

Process Design and Development

Sustainable Delivery of Modular Process Plant Projects  

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, digital communication, and advanced engineering techniques are making modular process plants more sustainable than ever. Read now


Managing the Hazards of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

Lithium-ion battery technology has been instrumental to the development of energy storage systems and electric vehicles. However, associated fire and explosion risks need to be recognized and addressed in order to safely deploy this technology.

Critical Issues

Risky Business: Unfocused Cybersecurity Risk Management

Organizations must use a targeted cybersecurity risk management approach to safeguard assets and mitigate risks.


  • Envisioning a Cleaner, Safer Ammonia Economy
  • Coal Power Plant Particulates Associated with Higher Mortality Risk
  • Protection from Radiation Treatment, Delivered Directly to the Bone
  • Scientists Call for Sustainable Remediation of Dye-Containing Wastewater
  • Researchers “Program” Structural Properties into 3D-Printed Metals


  • Editorial: Prioritizing a Safer Home This New Year
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Recycling Waste Coal Ash Promises More Sustainable Concrete Materials
  • Process Safety Beacon:An Error Trap Can Be Catastrophic
  • New Products: Environmental, Health and Safety; Materials and Chemicals; Instrumentation; Software; Bioprocessing; Laboratory Equipment; Operations and Maintenance; Heat Transfer
  • Emerging Voices: Wearing Innovation
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: 2024 ChemE Cube Competition Recommits to Direct Air Capture 
  • Patent Update: Insuring Against an IP Disaster
  • ChE in Context: The Plastic Treaty Negotiations from a Delegate’s Perspective
  • Spotlight on Safety: To Err Is Human, To Forget Is Disastrous   
  • Books
  • Institute News
    • President’s Message: One AIChE
    • AIChE Gala Honors AdvanSix, Air Products for Societal Contributions; Harvard’s Samir Mitragotri Awarded Doing a World of Good Medal
    • 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting Recap

The January issue of CEP is now available on the AIChE website, on the CEP app, and as a digital flipbook.